Document Management Assistant (EEAS - Brussels)

Offre d'emploi mise en ligne le 21/03/2024

Contract Agent FGIII – Job title: Document Management Assistant

EEAS Headquarters job n° 375287

We are

The European External Action Service (EEAS) supports the work of the High Representative in defining and implementing an effective and coherent EU foreign policy. The EEAS supports his tasks of conducting the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy and chairing the Foreign Affairs Council. It also supports the High Representative in his capacity as Vice President of the Commission with regard to his responsibilities within the Commission in the external relations field including the coordination of other aspects of the EU’s external action. The EEAS works in close cooperation with Member States, the Council and relevant services of the European Commission.

Within the EEAS, the Division « Information and Document Management » works to foster information management practices across the EEAS. Information is the raw material behind every one of our activities. Increasing our proficiency with information management will positively boost the overall performance of the whole institution.

The Division carries out these tasks by working on the domains of information, records and archives management with the support of three dedicated teams. Furthermore, we are coordinating the meetings of the Information Management Committee (IMC) to support the implementation of the EEAS Information Management Strategy.

We propose

The position of Document Management Assistant – contract agent FGIII as per article 3b of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Union (CEOS)1.

Place of employment: EEAS Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium

Post available: immediately We look for

A dynamic, proactive and highly motivated colleague with very good communication and organisational skills and with a developed sense of service. S/he will be entrusted with the following tasks:

  • Contribute to the implementation and follow-up of the EEAS Records and Archives Management Policy (ERMA) in EU Delegations;
  • Proactively promote EEAS records management procedures and guidelines in the Delegations;
  • Assist EU Delegations with records management best practices in particular with registration and filing;
  • Support and assist EU Delegations with developing records management procedures and with co-ordination and reporting;
  • Assist EU Delegations in the correct application of the rules and concepts concerning file appraisal and after-retention actions, such as transfer and elimination.

1 Staff Regulations of Officials of the European Union (SR) and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Union (CEOS). content/EN/TXT/HTML/?uri=CELEX:01962R0031-20140501&from=EN

Legal basis

The vacancy is to be filled in accordance with the conditions stipulated under the CEOS, in particular Article 82 thereof.

Subject to having passed the CAST exam, the successful candidate will be offered a contract agent position (Function group III), on the basis of a contract with an initial duration of one year that may be successively renewed for a maximum duration of 6 years.

Eligibility criteria

Candidates for this contract agent III post should:

  • (i) have passed a valid EPSO CAST in a valid FG for this post or
  • (ii) be registered in the EPSO Permanent CAST in a valid FG for this post ( In that case, while the registration will render the candidate eligible for the selection procedure, the recruitment of a candidate on this vacant post will be subject to their successfully passing of the CAST exam that this candidate will be called to attend.
  • have a level of post-secondary education attested by a diploma or a level of secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to post-secondary education and appropriate professional experience of three year;
  • have the capacity to work in languages of CFSP and external relations necessary for the performance of their duties. Knowledge of other EU languages would be an asset.
  • be a national of one of the Member States of the European Union and enjoy full rights as a citizen.

Selection criteria

Candidates should possess:

  • Good knowledge of Records and Archives Management policies (EU institutions framework or similar);
  • Good experience with Records and Archives Management tools;
  • The ability to maintain interpersonal relations and to ensure communication in a complex, multi-cultural environment;
  • Being committed to customer service;
  • Being a flexible team player


  • experience in providing training,
  • experience in Records and Archives Management services of an European Institution or other international organisation; would be considered as strong assets.

Specific conditions of employment

The signature of the contract will be subject to prior favourable opinion of the Medical Service.

The requested level of security clearance for this post is: SECRET UE/EU SECRET. A description of the EU classified information levels is available under Article 2 of the Decision ADMIN(2017) 10 on the security rules of the EEAS2.

2    OJ C 126, 10 April 2018, p.1.

The selected candidate should hold, or be in the position to obtain, a valid Personnel Security Clearance (PSC)3 issued by the competent authority of the Member State concerned.

Candidates who do not already have a valid PSC will be required to go through the security clearance vetting procedure of their Member State to obtain this clearance in accordance with national laws and regulations and with the procedure laid down in the Decision ADMIN(2019)7 on Security Clearance Requirements and Procedures for the EEAS of 08 March 2019 and in Annex A I of the Decision ADMIN(2017) 10 on the security rules of the EEAS4. Until the PSC is issued by the competent authority of the Member State concerned, the selected candidate will not be authorised to access EUCI at the level of CONFIDENTIEL UE/EU CONFIDENTIAL or above, or to participate in any meetings or workflow where EUCI is processed.

Please note that the necessary procedure for obtaining a PSC can be initiated on request of the employer only, and not by the individual candidate.

In case of failure to obtain or renew the required PSC, the AACC may take the appropriate measures in accordance with Article 3(3) of the Decision ADMIN(2019) 7 on Security Clearance Requirements and Procedures for the EEAS of 08 March 2019.

Equal opportunities

The EEAS is committed to an equal opportunities policy for all its employees and applicants for employment. As an employer, the EEAS is committed to promoting gender equality and to preventing discrimination on any grounds. It actively welcomes applications from all qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds and from the broadest possible geographical basis amongst the EU Member States. We aim at a service, which is truly representative of society, where each staff member feels respected, is able to give their best and can develop their full potential.

Candidates with disabilities are invited to contact in order to accommodate any special needs and provide assistance to ensure the possibility to pass the selection procedure in equality of opportunities with other candidates. If a candidate with a disability is selected for a vacant post, the EEAS is committed to providing reasonable accommodation in accordance with Art 1d.4 of the Staff Regulations.

Application and selection procedure5

Please send your CV and cover letter (with your EPSO CAST number) via email to:

Deadline for applications: 08/04/2024 at 12.00 (CET)

Candidates shall draft their CV following the European CV form which can be found at the following internet address:

3  The ‘Personnel Security Clearance’ is defined under point 2 of Annex A I of the Decision ADMIN(2017) 10 on the security rules of the EEAS as “a statement by a competent authority of a Member State which is made following completion of a security investigation conducted by the competent authorities of a Member State and which certifies that an individual may, provided his ‘need-to-know’ has been determined, be granted access to EUCI up to a specified level (CONFIDENTIEL UE/EU CONFIDENTIAL or above) until a specified date; the individual thus described is said to be ‘security cleared’.

4  OJ C 126, 10 April 2018, p.1.

5 Your personal data will be processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/1725, as implemented by ADMIN(2019)8 Decision of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. The privacy statement is available on the Europa website: ( statement-data-protection-notice-purpose-processing-personal-data-related-public_en) and on the EEAS Intranet:(  notices)

Late applications will not be accepted.

The selection panel will make a pre-selection on the basis of the qualifications and professional experience described in the CV and motivational letter, and will produce a shortlist of eligible candidates who best meet the selection criteria for the post. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be informed about the outcome of the pre-selection phase.

The candidates who have been preselected will be invited for an interview by a selection panel.

The selection panel may decide, in addition to the interview, to organise written tests, either for all pre-selected candidates or to the best ranked ones, after the interview. The content of such written tests will be defined by the selection panel and may include, but not be limited to, multiple choice questions, open questions and/or topics for a short essay.

Pre-selected candidates shall be invited to sit the CAST exam before or after the interview stage by the selection panel (in accordance with the eligibility criteria set out above).The panel will recommend a shortlist of candidates for a final decision by the Authority Authorised to Conclude Contracts of Employment The AACC may decide to interview the candidates on the final shortlist before taking this decision.

If, exceptionally, on the date of recruitment, the successful candidate has not yet had the opportunity to pass the tests necessary to obtain the CAST, the latter will be engaged on condition that he obtains the CAST within six months of taking up his duties. Failure to obtain the required CAST will give the EEAS the right to terminate the employment contract.

It is recalled, that the selection procedure may be terminated at any stage in the interest of the service.

In the interest of the service, after identifying the candidate that best fulfils the requirement of the post as set out in the vacancy notice, the AACC may also establish a reserve list of candidates. These candidates shall be informed that the reserve list shall remain valid for a period of one year from when it is established and that it may be used to fill the same post or an equivalent post in the EEAS having the same job profile.