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Traineeship Citizens' Library Unit (European Parliament - Brussels)

Offre d'emploi mise en ligne le 25/11/2021

DOMAIN : Administration
SUB DOMAIN : Document management/Archiving
STARTING DATE : 01/03/2022 (5 months)
REF. : 11B30-3533


The European Parliament’s Directorate-General for Parliamentary Research Services (DG EPRS) is the in-house research centre and think tank of the EP. It provides research, analysis and information, on an independent basis, to Members of the European Parliament and parliamentary committees on all EU policies, legislation and issues. Usually known as the European Parliamentary Research Service, we comprise four directorates: the Members’ Research Service, the Directorate for Impact Assessment and European Added Value, the Directorate for the Library and Knowledge Services, and the Directorate for Resources.

In addition, there are three horizontal units within the Directorate-General’s central services: the Strategy and Innovation Unit, the Linking the Levels Unit, and the Strategic Foresight and Capabilities Unit. The directorate-general comprises a total of 24 units and around 300 staff. ‘Empowering through knowledge’ is the guiding principle of EPRS, underpinning the mission of the entire DG.

In concrete terms, between 2014 and September 2021, EPRS:

  • Answered over 21,000 requests for substantive research and analysis from over 90 per cent of individual Members of the European Parliament;
  • Replied to over 3,100 such requests from other parliamentary clients;
  • Undertook targeted research work for 20 parliamentary committees;
  • Treated over 134,000 reference requests from within the Parliament and over 433,000 citizens’ enquiries;
  • Produced over 7,200 publications, most recently at a rate of around 700 physical publications and 200 digital-only texts annually.


A video about the EPRS is available at:


A video specifically on EPRS publications is available at:


We are a team of 12 library professionals, managing part of the Brussels Library of the European Parliament and the Historical Library of the European Parliament in Luxembourg. We work closely with other departments of the EPRS to assist them in obtaining and using information sources in their work.   Our collection focuses on history, law and politics of the European integration process, although we are currently building a new multilingual collection of more general cultural nature to the wider external public (Solvay library project).

Apart from the books, there is a substantial and ever growing collection of digital and electronic information sources (e-books, online databases, media sources and specialised e-journals). We also contribute towards operating a front desk, replying to reference requests, organising group or individual training sessions (physical, online or hybrid), and to managing the general collections and acquisitions of the EP library.

We are currently developing a Citizens’ Online Library with a view to making some of our resources, including in-house selected online readings, and other quality open source materials accessible to the European citizens.


Depending on your background and interests, you could participate in a variety of library tasks:

  • Development of online reading platform for citizens;
  • Management of electronic resources;
  • Website maintenance and digital information products development;
  • Assistance in the management of the Reading Room or assistance at the front desk;
  • Contribution to acquisitions, collections (paper and electronic) development and/or cataloguing.



  • You have a strong interest in libraries and you are aware of the information needs of researchers;
  • You ideally have experience of working in a library and/or an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in librarianship or information/data science;
  • You have a keen interest in ICT with the focus on the end-user and have strong communication skills;
  • You are flexible and motivated to innovate;
  • You have a keen interest in ICT with the focus on the end-user and have strong communication skills;
  • You are flexible and motivated to innovate.