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Belgische Vereniging voor Documentatie           

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The Belgian Association of Documentation "ABD-BVD" is the meeting and reflection place for all people whose profession is related to information and also for those involved in information management methods and technologies.

Created in 1947, it includes today more than 500 professionals from the private and public sectors.

The new information and communication technologieslie at the root of a revolution in society which is conceivably as wide-spread as the one that followed the invention of the  printing press. Economic, social and cultural stakes of the current mutations are considerable.

The former and the new information professions are at the heart of the change. Passing successfully from an analogical to a digital world will depend on human capacity to give original answers to new questions, to evolve in an ever more demanding environment.

Therefore, the information profession shall increasingly be a specialist's job. The ABD-BVD's aims and activities converge to help those professionals in this permanent step towards the reinforcement of both their competence and the quality of their work.

The ABD-BVD aims principally at :

  • studying and promoting information professions;
  • informing its members about information management methods and techniques;
  • creating networks of competence and exchange of experiences;
  • training and professional development of its members;
  • defending its members' interests on the federal, European and international level.

To achieve these goals, the association organises monthly meetings and an annual forum devoted to current topics in the field of information. It edits several publications, among which a monthly magazine for members only (ABD-BVD Info) and a quarterly review (Les Cahiers de la Documentation).

It provides food for thought on the practice and the evolution of the profession of information and documentation specialist.

Alone or in collaboration with other organisations, it arranges training sessions. Studies and surveys are also carried out on behalf of the members.

Finally it takes part in activities of the European professional associations (European Council of Information Associations - E.C.I.A.), and international federations (International Federation for Information and Documentation – FID).

The General Meeting takes place yearly to plan the main orientations of the association. It elects the Board of Directors which is responsible for the association's daily management. The board appoints the different study groups entrusted with the organisation of the various activities and coordinates their work.

The monthly meetings in which well-chosen speakers are invited to give a conference with regard to their professional knowledge, skills, methods and opinions about new techniques in documentation and information sciences is one of the points of interest. To give the reader an idea about the various subjects treated during these monthly meetings, here some examples:

  • Joint meeting with the ADBS (France) at the European Parliament in Brussels: the evolution of our profession. Presentation of the results of the survey by ADBS of thousands of professionals. Visit of the Library of the European Parliament
  • The large-scale digitization project of the National Library of Belgium: current status
  • Tools for the curation of digital content

Our annual conference, the Inforum is de facto the place to be for every ABD-BVD member or non-members who consider themselves as specialists in information and documentation sciences. In general, we foresee five to six speakers with a morning and an afternoon debate which is always well received by the large audience (more than 250 participants)."

 Last but not least, ABD-BVD has also a discussion list installed where every D&I specialist can debate and exchange information or points of view with other like-minded people.

For more details of our different activities please consult our pages in Dutch or in French (www.abd-bvd.be).

The ABD-BVD's membership includes either jointly corporate bodies or individuals as well as associate members (students and residents abroad).

The membership fee  is determined annually by the Board of Directors for each category of member.

Advantages of membership include a subscription to the various publications, free attendance to the information meetings, preferential tarif for trainings and the forum, reductions for some events organised by other Belgian and foreign associations, ...).

Affiliated members :

  • companies, ministries, administrations : 150 EUR (four representatives)
  • academic institutions : 90 EUR (four representatives)
  • Individual members : 50 EUR (one representative)

Associate members :

  • students : 12,5 EUR (one representative)


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